Cotton Candy machine plus color sugar (3 count) and White Paper Cones (20 count)


**Cotton Candy Dream Machine Rental with Color Sugar (3 count) & Paper Cones (20 count)**

You can buy additionals Color Sugar here, and Additionals Paper Cones here

Transform your next event into a whimsical wonderland with our Cotton Candy Dream Machine! Perfect for birthdays, weddings, or any festive gathering, this easy-to-use machine spins out the fluffiest, most delicious cotton candy, guaranteed to bring smiles and joy to guests of all ages. Our rental package sweetens the deal by including three vibrant colors of sugar - each promising a burst of delightful flavor that melts in your mouth. Choose your favorite hues to match the theme of your event or mix them up for a rainbow of fun. Plus, with 20 white paper cones included, you'll have everything you need to serve up this sugary treat with ease. The machine itself is a breeze to operate, with clear instructions that ensure you'll be crafting perfect cotton candy clouds in no time. Its compact design not only looks great on any table setup but also makes for hassle-free transport and setup. Don't miss the chance to add a dash of magic to your celebration. Rent our Cotton Candy Dream Machine today and watch as it spins out moments of joy and laughter, one fluffy bite at a time!